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Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 16:20:52 EST

Steve Glock wrote re Eph. 4:4;
>The coordinate clause "[THERE IS] ONE BODY AND ONE SPIRIT" is immediately
>appended with a subordinate clause "JUST AS YOU WERE ALSO CALLED IN ONE
>The first observation we made was that KAThWS suggests a similar
>relationship between the two nouns in the first as between the two nouns
>in the second. Ie: SWMA relates to PNEUMA as ELPIDI relates to KLHSEWS.

I don't see this. SWMA and PNEUMA are coordinated by KAI whereas ELPIDI
and KLHSEWS are in a different relationship.

>[Theologically, the case can be made, based on 1 Cor.12:13 for example,
>that PNEUMA is causative for, and chronologically antecedent to SWMA.]
>Ie. the one Spirit brought the one Body into existence.
>This then would lead to the conclusion that Paul's point here is that
>KLHSEWS is likewise causative for, and chronologically antecedent to
>ELPIDI. Ie. the one Calling resulted in the one Hope.
>Syntactically then, this raises a difficulty. We took KLHSEWS as a
>subjective genitive (based on the KAThWS line of reasoning) with a noun
>of action - but is ELPIDI really a noun of action?
ELPIDI is a noun of action but the subject of the implied action cannot
very well be KLHSEWS. I would call it a genitive (ablative) of source like

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