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Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 22:04:30 EST

Yes, it was Martin Luther who, apparently, first suggested that
Apollos was the author of Hebrews. He seems to have come up with
that based solely on internal evidence (companion of Paul,
eloquent diction, Alexandrian theological ideas), and no external
evidence: no church father ever attributed the letter to Apollos.
The reaction to this view seems to be "Good guess, who knows?"

Sometime in the future, during that ideal summer when I have
nothing to do, I plan to write an article "proving" that John
Mark wrote the book. I think he's the only companion of Paul
never picked. The reason it's so different from GMark is that
the gospel is written under Petrine influence. This will seal my
immortality as a footnote in NT Introductions until the End. Any


Gary S. Shogren
Associate Professor of New Testament
Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield PA

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