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Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 10:31:26 EST

Re: my tongue in cheek message. Yes seargent, I hope to find immortality
through the resurrection!

Re: Charles Puskas's note

Charles - I'm pretty sure there has been a book on Luke as the author
of Hebrews. I'm going to say it was by Stephen Wilson, published in
the '70's, but I can't rember the title (sorry - I glanced at it for
a half hour about a decade ago). It seems to me he followed the line
of reasoning that you suggested, but I also recall that his theory
found little favor. The book may have been on the theologyof LA,
and then the Hebrews thesis was the latter half. Anyone remember this

Gary Shogren
Biblical Theological Seminary
Hatfield, PA

Hatfield, PA

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