Protevangelium of James

Date: Sat Feb 17 1996 - 13:49:30 EST

    In the Protevangelium of James (20.4) I found the text hEWS
ERThHi hO PAIS EIS hIEROSALHMA ("until the boy comes to Jerusalem").
If I'm not mistaken the form ERThHi (instead of ELThHi) has the
aorist stem that occurs as a (more usual) variant in Modern Greek. Is
this occurence in the Protevangelium of James an exception or can the
aorist stem ERTh- be found in the Hellenistic Greek more frequently?
LSJ and New Testament Greek lexicons (including Bauer's 6th edition)
say nothing about it.

        Ladislav Tichy
        Faculty of Theology
        Palacky University
        Czech Republic

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