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The Magazine of the Greco-Roman Mythic Revival

Neos Olympos is the magazine that celebrates the Greco-Roman Mythic Revival. Far from being mere literary relics from a bygone age, the mythic, spiritual and philosophical impulses that existed in classical antiquity are alive and well in our world today. Modern humans still gather to worship the Olympians. Transpersonal psychologists have taught us to identify the Greek gods, goddesses and monsters that dwell within our psyches. Tale-tellers, using media undreamed of by our ancestors, still recount the past, present and future exploits of Hellenic deities, demigods, heroes and fabulous beasts. The staff of Neos Olympos would like you to join us in celebrating this Classical Revival.
Starting with Issue #1 (Summer 1996), Neos Olympos will feature The Abaton, a section dedicated to the membership of the Ancient and Hermetic Order of Asclepiads (A.H.O.A.); and XAOS, a forum for the Temple of Eris. In future issues, other Greco-Roman organizations will be joining us, spreading their messages in the pages of Neos Olympos.

It is our hope that these forums will allow for better communication and increased interaction between the above listed organizations and their members, as well as allowing for a greater degree of networking within the Greco-Roman inspired spiritual community as a whole.

Neos Olympos is a quarterly publication. Each issue priced at $3.00. A one year's subscription is $10.00 in the USA (a savings of $2.00 off the Individual Issue Price) and $15.00 (US currency) outside the USA.
If additional information is needed please feel free to send your inquires or E-mail to:
For subscription please send a check or money order to:

P.K. Venetis E-Mail
c/o NEOS OLYMPOS D.J. Chaffers
P.O. Box 751122 or
Forest Hills, NY 11375-9998

If you contribute poetry, art work, photos, stories or articles to Neos Olympos, you will receive the issues in which they appear for free!

So, subscribe today! And write in to tell us about your Olympian experiences, beliefs, musings, stray thoughts, inspirations, wild theories, ritual practices, elaborate philosophies or divine revelations.

You are no longer alone. May the Gods be with you!

An Argonaut/Dragonís Lair Publication

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