Meaning of POIETE

Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 14:00:16 EST

Dear Sir or Madam,

At the suggestion of Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania), I am writing
with regard to a research project I am currently working on. I am focusing on
the Greek text of the Last Supper accounts; specifically that which is recorded
in Luke 22:19 and 1 Corinthians 11:25. What I am inquiring about is the use of
the word "poiete," translated "do" (do this in remembrance). However, poiein
in the Septuagint is often used in a cult or sacrificial sense. Gore says
there are from 60 to 80 instances. For example, Exodus 29:38, which reads,
"This is what you shall offer (poieseis) upon the altar..." Similar uses can
be found in Leviticus 9:7 and Psalm 66:15.

Now, "poiete" is used whenever a command is given to repeat something, so I'm
assuming that this is the reason why it was translated as "do" instead of
"offer" in the two New Testament passages mentioned above. Can the other key
word in the command for repetition of the last supper rite, remembrance, offer
any clues? The Greek word used is "anamnesis," and the only other instance
that it is used in the New Testament besides Luke 22:19 and 1 Cor. 11:25 is
Hebrews 10:3, which reads:"Those sacrifices are an annual reminder (anamnesis)
of sins."

I understand that there are many scholars who make contributions to the b-greek
discussion group, and I would be most appreciative of any comments or
suggestions regarding this matter.

Your time and consideration are very much appreciated.


Carmen Fragapane
West Virginia University

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