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From: Trevor Nicholls (
Date: Sun Feb 18 1996 - 19:33:54 EST

->Now, "poiete" is used whenever a command is given to repeat something, so I'm
->assuming that this is the reason why it was translated as "do" instead of
->"offer" in the two New Testament passages mentioned above. Can the other key
->word in the command for repetition of the last supper rite, remembrance, offer
->any clues? The Greek word used is "anamnesis," and the only other instance
->that it is used in the New Testament besides Luke 22:19 and 1 Cor. 11:25 is
->Hebrews 10:3, which reads:"Those sacrifices are an annual reminder (anamnesis)
->of sins."

I think there is a clear distinction between "remembrance" and "reminder", and
'anamnesis' according to my sources definitely means the first of these.

A reminder brings back to mind something we have forgotten, whereas a remembrance
is made precisely because we *haven't* forgotten.

This is an important point about the last supper! And perhaps about the burden
of sacrifices under the Law...

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