Re: B-Hebrew: is there an archive?

From: David Moore (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 16:25:26 EST

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> I thank David Moore for the indirect link to the B-Hebrew archive at the
> Gramcord Institute. The URL is:
> Unfortunately, however, it has no entires after the end of October 1995.
> I've noted that the archive for B-Greek at that site also has not been kep
> up, whereas James Tauber's site is not only up-to-date, but very versatile
> and has some materials from years before the archive was begun, supplied, I
> believe, by our friend from San Diego. That URL is:
        I agree; it would be nice if there were as well-kept-up an
archive of b-hebrew as J. Tauber has done with b-greek. An alternate
solution for keeping up with discussion on b-hebrew is to subscribe to
b-hebrew digest. To do so, for those who may not know, send the following
message to

subscribe b-hebrew-digest

        That gets one a daily mailing, in a single piece of e-mail, of
whatever has been posted to the list.

David L. Moore Southeastern Spanish District
Miami, Florida of the Assemblies of God Department of Education

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