Re: Semitic & Greek Fonts

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 06:27:55 EST

On 2/26/96, Martin wrote:

> I'm a Pagemaker user and I want to make a publication which include some
> Greek, Hebrew, and maybe for the future I will need Arabic or Syriac. Is
> there any font for all the language above ? And for Arabic,Hebrew, and
> Syriac how can type from right to left using Pagemaker ?

I don't know the answer to your second question, and Ithink the answer
would bedifferent, depending on what platform--Windows or Mac--you are
using, but I don't think this Hebrew font is pointed, so you might just
type in the text backwards. We just a couple days ago had this note from
Scholars Press about new free TrueType fonts, which I cite:

Scholars Press has updated its public domain TrueType fonts available on
its FTP site. We have Hebrew (SPTiberian), Greek (SPIonic), Syriac
(SPEdessa), and Transliteration (SPAtlantis) fonts currently available.
Changes from earlier versions include additional characters in the
transliteration font, vowels and other characters added to the Syriac
font, and cosmetic changes to all the fonts. Feel free to download and
use the fonts. Comments are welcome.


I hope this helps. cwc

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