Re: Semitic & Greek Fonts

From: David Moore (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 13:44:53 EST

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Martin wrote:

> I'm a Pagemaker user and I want to make a publication which include some
> Greek, Hebrew, and maybe for the future I will need Arabic or Syriac. Is
> there any font for all the language above ? And for Arabic,Hebrew, and
> Syriac how can type from right to left using Pagemaker ?

        For Greek, Hebrew and Coptic, I would recommend you try WinGreek
which you can download as shareware from several sites on the internet.
With a TSR program called "Beta" (not in the "software-in-development"
sense of that word) which comes with WinGreek, you can easily enter fully
accented Greek - diacritical marks and all -, and you can enter Hebrew
right to left with vowel pointing. It works with most word processors
under Windows, but since you get to try before you buy, you could check it
out under Page Maker.

        It is essentially a set of fonts that you use with your word
processor. The execution of the fonts on a laser printer is excellent -
even publication quality.


David L. Moore Southeastern Spanish District
Miami, Florida of the Assemblies of God Department of Education

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