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From: Pierbattista Pizzaballa (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 01:06:01 EST

At 9:47 AM 27.02.1996, Martin wrote:

> This is my second posting to clarify what I mean and what I need..
> I'm a Pagemaker user and I want to make a publication which include some
> Greek, Hebrew, and maybe for the future I will need Arabic or Syriac. Is
> there any font for all the language above ?

For Mac or Dos/Windows?

If you are Mac user, the answer is yes:
There are hebrew, arabic and greek fonts.PageMaker support these fonts.

For greek fonts there is not problem at all. Put them in your system and use them.

For semitic fonts:
There are fonts for romanic system (english, french, etc.) and for hebrew/arabic system. Semitic fonts for romanic system don't write from right to left. It means that you must type the words in reverese mode (from the last letter of the word to the first). Any version of PageMaker support these fonts.

The semitic fonts for hebrew/arabic system write from right to left. You need hebrew/arabic system OR romanic system with particular hebrew/arabic extensions (like me!); every Mac center can give those extensions. The hebrew fonts have also the punctuation but not the biblical accents (if you need the accents you have no choice: use hebrew fonts [like "SuperHebrew"] for romanic system only).
NOT all the versions of PageMaker support these fonts. You need appropriate PageMaker for semitic systems (apparently there is no difference). I've found it in Israel, but I suppose it is available also in USA.

> And for Arabic,Hebrew, and
> Syriac how can I type from right to left using Pagemaker ?

PageMaker is a layout program. Usually you have not to type in it. You must import files from others program (like word processors). Importing documents (appropriate) PageMaker automatically saves all the configurations (semitic and not). But I suppose it is the same if you type in it.

As far as I know for Mac there are syriac fonts only for romanic system (I suggest to use "Tur Abdin").
Apologize for mispelling.


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