New List/Intro Greek Students; Perseus Greek display

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 20:02:31 EST

Although this appears to be aimed at beginning students of classical Attic
Greek, it strikes me as something that might be of interested to list users
of b-greek who are beginning the Koine as well, and perhaps for those who
teach it, this might also be worth knowing about.

Incidentally, the hum from Greg Crane today has been the discovery that the
SMK Greek fonts do not display Greek properly on Netscape 2.0. A fix is in
the works, however, which will probably involve suggesting that Netscape
2.0 users set their fonts to "user defined"--this only for those using N
2.0; the original scheme was set up for Netscape 1.1.

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>Following up on discussion about promoting the study of Greek, we have set up,
>as one small step forward, a list for students of introductory Greek. The
>goal is to give them a medium in which they can exchange ideas, ask and answer
>questions, and also just see that there are other people out there. It may
>be necessary to set up separate lists for people using different books,
>but we might as well see whether that is necessary and whether this list
>gets cluttered (or even heavily used).
>To join:
>mail to
>and send a one line message:
>subscribe intro_greek
>Gregory Crane
>Tufts University
>p.s., you can also join this list now by calling up the URL:
>and filling out a form.

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