Porter & Carson on Discourse Analysis

From: Bruce Terry (terry@bible.acu.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 18:26:54 EST

Some on the list might be interested in the new book:

Porter, Stanley E., and D. A. Carson. 1995. _Discourse Analysis and Other
     Topics in Biblical Greek_. Journal for the Study of the New Testament
     Supplement Series 113. Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press.

The price is 35 UK or $52.50 US.

A couple of remarks are in order. It may say something about the poor state
of discourse analysis that a complete book cannot even be put out on the
subject. About half the articles are on _Other Topics_ as the title suggests.
Secondly, in a brief response article Silva complains that the field of
discourse is so broad that it includes _everything_; this leads to people
doing scattered work on a number of areas in an undisciplined way. I have
some sympathy with this charge. The state of the field is currently rather
like the early days of Israel when there was no king and every man did what
was right in his own eyes.

I also have some sympathy with Silva's questioning of Levinsohn's principles
which he assumes rather than demonstrates. Some of those principles are based
on an assumption that Greek is a VSO language, which I think I adequately
demonstrate in my dissertation/bookd is *not* true. Sometimes in the field of
discourse we seem to be talking past one another.

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