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From: brent justin anduaga-arias (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 18:15:00 EST

  I have a list of questions pertaining to 2nd Timothy 3:15-17.
First, v17 uses 'artios' and 'exartizo.' I have heard raging debates
about whether the words mean: 'equipped' and 'furnished' respectively, or
something stronger: 'complete' and 'fully furnished' respectively. Any
thoughts out there on this?
  Regardless of which is correct, I also would like to know (since I am
just beginning to learn Greek) if the three verses are truly conveying
the thought that ALL doctrine necessary for faith and practice are found
in scripture, or is this idea something that has been read into the text
for Reformation polemics?
  Now for some more specific questions: Does the 'teaching, refutation,
and correction' address 'righteousness' as part of the 'training in
righteousness' phrase or are they distinct? In other words, could the
thought be legally reworded like this: 'teaching in righteousness,
refutation for righteousness, correction for righteousnes, and training in
righteousness' - without doing damage to Paul's intention?
  What about verse 16's 'didaskalion?' It seems to me this word does in
fact just mean 'teaching.' However I have noticed that it is common for
some English translations to render it as 'doctrine' here as elsewhere.
Any comments?

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