Utriusque Testamenti

From: Eric Weiss (eweiss@acf.dhhs.gov)
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 10:44:22 EST

I have seen the Utriusque Testamenti (Greek NA-27 and Hebrew BHS-4 Bible) at
the Dallas Theological Seminary Bookstore. This is my recollection:

It has kind of a taupe (?)/IBM PC-gray cover. The New Testament looks to be
the size (length and width, but thinner, since it's Greek only) of the new
Greek-English edition of NA-27 (i.e., margins are narrower than in the Greek-
only NA-27, but the typeface size is the same, all the footnotes, v.l.
references, appendices, etc., are there), and the Hebrew Text looks to be the
size and font size of the portable edition of BHS 4th edition--again, with
all footnotes, textual comments, etc. If you took off the covers of BHS 4
and NA-27, then slapped them together under one cover, with BHS opening from
the right and NA-27 opening from the left, you'd have the Utriusque
Testamenti. It also includes the loose inserts for the NA-27 and BHS textual
notes abbreviations. If you know enough Greek and Hebrew vocabulary not to
need a lexicon, this looks like a wonderful Bible! The DTS list price is
$65.00, but I'm sure you can get it direct from American Bible Society for
probably about 20% less (though you'll pay shipping).

Hope this helps.

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