Re: Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti

From: David Rising (
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 12:51:04 EST

On Wed, 28 Feb 1996 wrote:

> Dear B-Greek friends:
> Has anyone seen a review on the Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti? It is
> the Hebrew BHS and Greek NA27 combined into one volume from ABS.
> I would like to know its portability (ie, size & weight) and the
> legiblility of the fonts, plus any other comments you might have about it if
> you have seen it or have purchased it.
> Thanks
> Tim Staker, pastor
> Poseyville Christian Church
> Poseyville, Indiana USA

I have a copy in front of me--it is 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/4 (thick). It is
the BHS text and NA27. I love it. It gives me one semi-awkward book to
lug around, instead of two. The Hebrew text is the same size as the
smaller BHS and the NA27 seems slightly larger than my Blue NA26. I
haven't read any reviews, so other than this info, I can't inform, but I
would recommend it. The color of the cover (tan) is a little drab, but of
course, we aren't persuaded by fancy covers in this business :-).

David Rising

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