Re: Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 21:59:32 EST

>Dear B-Greek friends:
> Has anyone seen a review on the Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti? It is
>the Hebrew BHS and Greek NA27 combined into one volume from ABS.
> I would like to know its portability (ie, size & weight) and the
>legiblility of the fonts, plus any other comments you might have about it if
>you have seen it or have purchased it.
>Tim Staker, pastor

Tim, I have not seen a review, but have had the book in my hands. Its size
is that of the small format BHS, with the GNT printed so that its title
page opens from the left, the Hebrew from the right. You can guess the
thickness by putting the two separate volumes next to each other.

In some respects I wish they had put the GNT together with the small print
Rahlfs LXX.

There is not advantage to this printing other than (1) having the two in
one volume, and (2) that volume is significantly less expensive than buying
the two separately. Paper is quite thin, print is clear. I mention it to
our students as a way of saving money on required texts.


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