RE: Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti

From: Michael R. Beetley (
Date: Fri Mar 01 1996 - 03:46:29 EST

> Has anyone seen a review on the Biblia Sacra: Utriusque Testimenti? It is
> the Hebrew BHS and Greek NA27 combined into one volume from ABS.
> I would like to know its portability (ie, size & weight) and the
> legiblility of the fonts, plus any other comments you might have about it if
> you have seen it or have purchased it.

Well, I haven't seen any reviews, but a classmate recently purchased it, and I'm about to do so myself. It's assembled as if they took a copy of the NA27 and of the small version of the BHS, took off the covers, and glued them together, back to back. (Someone asked him which bible was in the front--he said "both".) If you haven't seen the small BHS, it is fairly legible IMO, though not quite as nice as the big one. Weight wise, I'm not sure how it compares with the large BHS, but I'd guess that it's a bit lighter. Still fairly heavy, though. If you've got the NA27 and the small BHS, just pick them up together--you'll pretty much have it.
It's got all of the critical elements in it, including the text tables, variant readings, etc. in the NA27. For having the whole thing in one volume, it looks like a pretty good buy to me.
Michael Beetley
MA Student
Fuller Theological Seminary

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