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Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 16:22:14 EST

On 2/29/96, Dale M. Wheeler wrote:

> >In my rapid survey of the two lists (I didn't even look at your third
> >paragraph until I'd checked the rfcs), I would deem every single instance
> >an aorist, some of them in terms of the parallel verb in the aorist, others
> >because they are quite clearly in secondary sequence, but all of them, and
> >especially the three most questionable ones--those from the Parable of the
> >Wicked Husbandmen--because the aorist clearly yields the more appropriate
> >aspect in the context.
> I agree...but you don't see any formal reason that they couldn't be parsed,
> in the abstract, as Present Subj, do you ??

No, certainly not. And I guess it ought to be admitted (I'm the one who
harps on Mark's sloppy Greek) that NT writers are not "above" violating
grammatical "rules."

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