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Date: Fri Mar 01 1996 - 04:04:49 EST

Dale Wheeler wrote;
>Your list of disagreements is why I raised the question; the most troubling
>one to me was Zerwick, whom I personally hold in high regard because his
>grammatical analysis tends to reflect someone who read the text rather than
>other grammars and was thus more sensitive to the nuances of Koine (which of
>course makes him a bit quirky at times). I have no idea what Guillemette
>was thinking, unless he was under the impression that since APOKTEINW is a
>liquid stem that the aorist should have an accent shift to over the omega to
>compensate for the loss of the sigma of the aorist ??
I have a lot of respect for Zerwick and his student Grosvenor. I suppose
all of us get in a hurry now an again. Also, I have found Guillemette very
helpful in a lot of ways. I think he just did not check the contexts of
these occurrances.

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