dynamic words

From: brent justin anduaga-arias (barias@unm.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 12:29:15 EST

  I was wondering if I could solicit submittals of everyone's favorite
Greek words which meet the criteria of having a notoriously context
sensitive definition. As an example I will present my own weak example.
  The RSV translates the Greek word HNTHY(KS)HIS (I used 'KS' in place of
xsi, not knowing which latin to use...) in 1st Timothy 2:1 as
"intercessions" but it translates the same word in 1st Timothy 4:4 as
"thanksgiving." Clearly "intercessions" is not equal to "thanksgiving."
  Now I know that you folks out there can think of better examples than
the one I have just presented, so if you offer them I will be much
appreciative. (yes, there is a point to this excersize - I'm not doing
this to waste everyone's time).

Brent Arias
University of New Mexico

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