John 2.4

Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 02:04:33 EST

    In John 2.4, Jesus has some querulous remarks to make to his mother: TI
EMOI KAI COI, GYNAI . . . . Although Walter Bauer says that the vocative
GYNAI "is by no means a disrespectful form of address, my students tend to
interpret Jesus' remarks in accord with various translations in English. In
vain do I remind them that an English translation cannot determine the
meaning of a Greek text, and in vain I seek for a courteous-sounding
translation. Is Bauer right? Of course he is, as evidenced by John 19.26,
where Jesus (respectfully) addresses Mother: GYNAI IDE hO YIOC COY.
  But could someone provide me with a decent (non-confrontational)
translation of John 2.4?
             Richard Arthur Merrimack NH

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