On Canon, MSS, Languages

From: Edward Hobbs (EHOBBS@wellesley.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 24 1996 - 13:24:50 EST

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Subj: RE: Book on Language, Canon, and Versions

Michael Palmer wrote:

>Subj: Book on Language, Canon, and Versions
>I'm looking for a good book on the languages, canonization, and early
>versions of the Bible. I need something which covers roughly the range of
>topics of F.F. Bruce's _The Books and the Parchments_ (which is out of
>print). Do any of you know of a book like that which is still in print?

>Micheal W. Palmer
>Assistant Professor
>Greek and New Testament
>Bluefield College

Without being certain as to its in-print status (it's Sunday afternoon, and
I haven't access to Books-in-Print, but surely it IS):

        _The Cambridge History of the Bible_ Cambridge University Press,
1963, 1969, 1970, three volumes, is THE work of choice here. Volume 3
(Reformation on) is probably later than you want, and much of Volume 2
may be also; but the many essays are all good, some excellent, by top scholars.
The contributors are virtually a Who's Who in (mostly) British scholarship.

--Edward Hobbs

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