from Koine to Attic

Date: Sun Mar 24 1996 - 17:14:09 EST

A. Brent Hudson asked whether he should take a first-year Attic course after
doing Koine for 10 years or go on to the next level. I came to Classical
Greek from Koine, and my mentors suggested that I do a second B.A. in Classics
rather than go on to grad work in Classical, but I didn't take beginning
Attic and don't recall anyone suggesting that I do. I did have some problems,
but nothing serious. My advice would be to go for the reading level courses.
You will probably be required to "test out" of beginning level anyway. As a
faculty member in Classics now, I sometimes have someone come to me wishing
to skip beginning Greek for these or similar reasons, and I am very cautious
about admitting anyone to the reading level, but delighted to do it when it
is clear that the student can handle it.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside

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