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Well, guys and gals, I've seen something like this before, but this is a
better version by far! Incidentally, this list, "Crosstalk," which
discusses the Lenten follow-up postings of Crossan, Borg, and Johnson, has
become very worth while once it got going good and it got focused with
regular participants. I know I've seen participation by some of our
regulars in it, including Ken Litwak and Stephen Carlson. It allows one to
say what one really thinks on some of the issues that would provoke flame
wars on this list.

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>Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 12:47:23 -0400
>From: (Don Heatley)
>Subject: Jesus Humor
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>Thought I might add some Jesus humor for all those on the list who teach.
>The following comes from
>The Joy of Teaching
>Then Jesus took his disciples up to the mountain and gathered them around.
>He taught them saying, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the
>Kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are they that mourn.
>Blessed are you when you suffer for my sake. Be glad and rejoice, for your
>reward is great in Heaven."
>Then Simon Peter said,"Are we supposed to know this?"
>And Andrew said,"Will there be a test on this?"
>And Philip said,"I don't have any paper."
>And Bartholomew said,"Do we have to turn this in?"
>And John said,"The other disciples didn't have to learn this."
>And Matthew said, "May I go to the bathroom?"
>Then one of the Pharisees who was present asked to see Jesus' lesson plan
>and inquired of Jesus,"Where are your objectives and your required
>competencies in the cognitive domain?"
>Jesus wept.
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