Re: Jesus wept! (forward)

Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 16:07:27 EST

        Second comment: You mentioned Ken Litwak posting to the
Crosstalk round-table. I have noticed that he has been silent about
Greek since his exam, and on the GTU List (which I get) he also has
said nothing about languages since then -- only hysteria about gays,
liberals, Jews, Catholics, and such other scum-of-the-earth. I suspect
he flunked; he really was far from ready, since I remember failing people
in that exam with far more competence than he seemed to possess. He
entered a grad program committed to diversity, liberal scholarship, and
cutting-edge discussion, and he has screamed to high heaven since he
began that the program is diverse, liberal, and cutting-edge--all the
things that outrage him! (He was threatened with removal from the List
if he did not apologize for several horrid flamesm by the owner of the
List. He apologized -- then started up again.)

        Were Danker and Krentz and colleagues YOUR students? Or perhaps
they are a bit older than that (I tyhink
                               (I think Fred and Ed are about my age, and
I believe you suggested you are close to a decade younger. But of course
they would have done their Ph.D.'s at Washington U. after they had
finished their Missouri Synod workout, so I'm not sure.)

Edward (not Ed or Fred!)

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