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Date: Fri Mar 29 1996 - 11:44:01 EST

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> Hello, all.
> I had always understood that the first corrector of Sianaticus was the
> scribe, but Aland (in the introduction to the NA27, p. 48*) dates the first
> corrector "4th-6th century." Am I wrong about the first corrector being the
> original scribe? Or is Aland regarding several different correctors/hands
> together under the 1st corrector sign?
> Further: if the first corrector of Sianaticus *was* the original scribe, what
> value is there in differentiating between the original hand and the first
> corrector when they differ? Shouldn't it be clear that the variant was a
> scribal error, corrected when the scribe checked his copy against the
> and thus useless for determining the better reading, etc.?
> Grace and peace,
> Perry L. Stepp, Baylor University

And grace and peace to you, Perry Stepp. Allow ME to be the first corrector
of Sianaticus: are you, in fact, referring to Sinaiticus, discovered by
Tischendorf in the Monastery of St. Catherine at the foot of Mt. Sinai, or
are you perhaps referring to the great and as-yet-unpublished (and
uncorrected!) MS in the sky which shall be named Cyanaticus and surnamed
Cyberscript (could it be? but no! surely not a mis-spelling for Hyakutake).

But if indeed it is Sinaiticus a.k.a. Aleph, I don't know the answer to
your question.

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