Date: Sun Mar 31 1996 - 00:18:59 EST


  I have a Holy Week passage I am trying to get a handle on, and I was
wondering if I could get your help.
  I would like to hear your translation/interpretation of Mk 15:2. Jesus is
talking to Pilate, and is asked "Are you King of the Jews?" and Jesus replied
  How would you translate Jesus' response? Does it mean "it is as you say",
or "you say so", or "Yes, what you have just said is my answer" or even a
flippant "that's what YOU say"?
   For comparison, you can find SU LEGEIS in Mt 27:11; Mk 14:68 (Peter & the
servant girl); Lk 23:3; John 8:33, 52; 14:9; 18:37. There's also SU EIPAS in
Mt 26:25, 64; and EFH UMEIS Lk 22:70. Also note Jesus' response to Judas in
Mt 27:23-- hO DE EFH.

  Are there extra-Biblical uses of the phrase SU LEGEIS and how is it used
among our pagan friends? Does it have a special function in discourse?

  The NRSV has "You say so" in Mk 15:2, but there are even different ways of
reading this out loud as to effect interpretation. How would you read it?


Tim Staker, pastor
Poseyville Christian Church
Poseyville, Indiana USA

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