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From: James R. Adair (jadair@scholar.cc.emory.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 31 1996 - 23:47:30 EST

I announced the creation of tc-list, a discussion list devoted to
conversations about biblical textual criticism (both OT and NT), several
months ago. I have been asked to provide that information again, so here
it is.

Tc-list is a discussion list that deals with all aspects of biblical
textual criticism, broadly defined. Anyone interested can subscribe by
sending a message to majordomo@scholar.cc.emory.edu, putting the command
"subscribe tc-list <your e-mail address>" (of course without the quotation
marks or angle brackets) in the body of your message. If you are
subscribing to the e-mail account you are sending the message from, the
e-mail address can be omitted.

Posts to the list may deal with either textual criticism of the Hebrew
Bible/Old Testament or New Testament textual criticism. Discussions of
topics that span the canonical boundary are especially welcome, as are
discussions of the relationship between textual criticism and other
disciplines (literary criticism, theology, canon, ...). We look forward
to many interesting discussions!

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