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Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 16:24:43 EST

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Eric Weiss wrote:
> I know David Allan Black, who has linguistics expertise, recommends
> in his book on using Greek in ministry.

I think that Black is essentially correct when noting that NIDNTT goes a
long way in avoiding the main problems of Kittel. Linguists also criticize
BAGD for going beyond lexical analysis in some of its articles (notably SARC
and other theological terms). Similar criticisms are levied against LSJ.
Even so, they are excellent lexicons. I have found Louw & Nida very helpful
in locating a words of a certain semantic group. Linguistics has shown me
that these books are not absolutely authoritative and must be read
critically (as one would with a commentary). Moises Silva's book on Lexical
Semantics has an excellent section on how to use the standard tools with
linguistic awareness (and how to use the LXX profitably). I have often
recommend this book (and Black's) to colleagues who do word studies in their
sermons and Bible studies.

A. Brent Hudson
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