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From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Fri Apr 05 1996 - 23:18:17 EST

> It appears that I have deeply offended A. Brent Hudson by not repeating
> what he said. I am inferring this because he said: "If not for aca- demic
> [hyphen is mine] integrity then for Christian charity, please quote people
> correctly." Perhaps he can clarify the inconsistency between "hardly
> justifiable" (his words) and "undesirably male-oriented" (mine), because I
> simplistically assumed that he felt the NASB language in question was male
> oriented and that he did not like it.

Sorry Don. I wasn't referring to you at all. I realized you were just
summarizing my point. I objected to a later post quoting your summary as my
words. I really don't have any emotional investment in this issue, which
was why would not have used the word "undesirable" myself. I don't find the
generic use of "man" as desirable or undesirable. I was trying to convey
with the word "justifiable" that these decisions must based on objective
principles (ie. that they can be justified not desirable). Whether or not I
*like* exclusive language wasn't my point and "undesirable" just seemed like
a subjective term, that all. If that is just my mis-definition, sorry for
the confusion.

> To be neutral we
> would have to add "person" or "individual" (which is awkward and puts too
> emphasis on the singular) or perhaps something else more awkward. Using
> "person" is probably best, but it connotes to conservative readers of the
> a deliberate attempt to be "politically correct" and sounds bad to those
> have long since memorized the statement.

I agree. I do not "like" the NRSV on this either. However, is it not
possible to take hO DIKAIOS as a generalizing singular referring to a group;
hence, "the righteous." Or am I off the wall to suggest the KJV translators
may have been on to something here?

My apologies for sounding "deeply offended."

P.S. I hope you don't think that I am trashing the NASB. After all, I do
own one (and frequently use it).

 A. Brent Hudson
 Ontario, CANADA
 At McMaster University

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