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Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 10:09:21 EDT

Hi, Ken

BAGD's article on KENOS has a note on exactly this use of the accusative,
right at the top of the article.

At 02:34 PM 4/8/96 -0700, you wrote:
> I have a question regarding Luke 1:53. The text says that the hungry
are sent with AGAQWN, but the rich KENOUS.
>I take the genitive to be something like a genitive of respect, i.e., "with
respect to what they get, with good things".
>I'm trying to decide how to take the contrasting owrd KENOUS. It seems to
me that it could
>refer to the rich themselves, i.e., God sends them away as "empty persons"
or it could refer to what He sends them
>away with (matching the genitive AGAQWN, "He sends them away with
empty/useless things.", an accusative of resepct,
>i.e., with respect to what they receive, they receive empty things." Any
comments? Also, I'm wondering about the
>following line. I don't have a GNT with me, but it uses an aorist passive
infinitive from MNHMONEUW followed by
>ELEOUS. I think this is a result infinitive, best rendered as "so that His
mercies are remembered", but I'm not at all
>sure about this so I'm looking for other opinions. Nolland translates it
(in his WBC commentary) as "In remembrance of his
>mercies" but does not explain that rendering and I'm not sure how he would
justtify that, other than trying to
>make good English. Thanks.
>Ken Litwak
>Bezerkley, CA

Gary S. Shogren
Biblical Theological Seminary
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