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From: James H. Vellenga (
Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 18:59:33 EDT

> The phrase *sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.*
> Is Paul referring to the heart as an instrument, or referring to the manner
> in which one sings?
> "Sing with all your heart, sing heartily," etc.
> Doug Jantz
> Winona, MO
A charming question!

I had always thought of this "in" as a metaphorical indication of
location. I am (mostly) a fairly quiet person, and a lot of my life is
lived on the inside, so it's fairly natural for me to think of making
music and praising God "in" my heart.

But if I relate my interpretation to Doug's, I think one could argue
that Paul's "in" really implies both of Doug's interpretations -- i.e.,
if one is singing "in" one's heart, then one is also singing "by means
of" the heart (a common meaning of EN, though more often with the
passive voice), and hence using the heart (metaphorically) as an
"instrument"; but since the praise is also "in" the heart, it is at the
deepest level of our being, and hence done heartily.

So my guess is that Paul wasn't being too precise, and that he really,
at least subconsciously, had all these images in mind as well.


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