RE: Eph 5:19

From: Dave Cordry (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 08:08:27 EDT

Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 1996 4:47 PM
Subject: Eph 5:19

The phrase *sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.*

Is Paul referring to the heart as an instrument, or referring to the manner
in which one sings?
"Sing with all your heart, sing heartily," etc.

Doug Jantz
Winona, MO

Greetings, Doug.

It is interesting that Paul uses both ado and psallo in this passage. Given
the backgound of the word psallo in earlier (from Paul) years, there is a
graphic image here of "singing and plucking the heart strings" to the Lord.

Dave Cordry
Lebanon, PA

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