Re: Eph 1:4-5 etc.

Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 19:46:38 EDT

Dale Wheeler wrote:

>I would suggest, though I'll admit I've not looked up every single occurrence

>that LALEW is the term used to describe spiritual utterances (prophecy, tongu
e,>etc) rather than LEGW.

The meaning of LALEW is talk in general and in some more specific instances,
inarticulate speech (in my earlier distinction of LEGW and LALEW I should have
stated that LEGW is used of articulate speech, not just "speech"). For this
reason it is used of tongues, not because LALEW inherently refers to spiritu-
al communication. One can theoretically argue that LALEW gradually assumes
a spiritual sense based on specialized usage in the NT, but I don't think
this is the case, and at any rate we can understand the use of LALEW adequate-
ly based on its usual meaning of (sometimes inarticulate) talk.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside

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