From: Mike Adams (
Date: Sun Apr 14 1996 - 18:10:42 EDT

In case any of you missed me, I am still here. Just been lurking in
silence a while. Been busy a lot lately... also I've succumbed to too
many incidents of foot-in-mouth disease, so I've gotten a bit shy.

Speaking of which, I have read with interest the infamous ill-routed
note with all it's reprecussions. Somehow, I fancy the two principals
involved chatting about it all at the Lamb's table over a glass of
wine. I hope most of us will be along to listen in. At that time we can
once and for all solve all our riddles and find definitive answers to
all our difficult questions. The few who were "right all along" will
have their chance to gloat, (although I doubt they would). We'll even
know who accessed the archives and sent the mystery note. We could ask
how he/she pulled it off ... if, of course, they're present.

Sorry this rambling has nothing to do with Greek; but I've been so
quiet for so long, you'll humor me, won't you?

Look forward to meeting y'all soon.

Mrs. Mike

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