Fw: Laptop Security Alert

From: Bruce Terry (terry@bible.acu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 11:59:43 EDT

Our systems manager forwarded the following warning to all of us at the
College of Biblical and Family Studies here and I thought it worthy of sharing
with all of you. I am still wondering about the wisdom of putting a laptop
through an X-ray machine anyway. Don't X-rays destroy the data on hard disks
as well as floppies?

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Subject: ! Laptop Security Alert
Author: Fannie Mae at FM-FS27A
Date: 4/10/96 3:08 PM

Corporate Security Office
Laptop Security Alert
We've recently learned of a hustle that's being employed at airports to
steal laptop computers. It involves two persons who look for a victim
carrying a laptop approaching a metal detector. They position themselves
in front of the unsuspecting passenger. They stall until the mark puts the
laptop computer on the conveyor belt. Then the first subject moves through
the metal detector easily. The second subject intentionally sets off the
metal detector and begins a slow process of emptying pockets, removing
jewelry, etc. While this is happening, the first subject takes the laptop
as soon as it appears on the conveyor belt and moves away quickly. When
the passenger finally gets through the metal detector, the laptop is gone.
The subject that picks it up heads into the gate area and disappears among
the crowd. Sometimes a third subject will take a hand off from the first
subject, and the computer is out of the restricted area before the mark even
knows that it's gone.
When traveling with a laptop computer, try to avoid lines to enter a metal
detector when possible. When you can't do that, delay putting your luggage
and laptop on the conveyor belt until you are sure that you will be the
next person through the metal detector. As you move through the metal
detector, keep your eyes on the conveyor belt and watch for your luggage and
laptop to come through as well as watching for what those in front of you
are picking up.

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