Re: Fw: Laptop Security Alert

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 12:15:23 EDT

At 9:59 AM 4/15/96, Bruce Terry wrote:
>Our systems manager forwarded the following warning to all of us at the
>College of Biblical and Family Studies here and I thought it worthy of sharing
>with all of you. I am still wondering about the wisdom of putting a laptop
>through an X-ray machine anyway. Don't X-rays destroy the data on hard disks
>as well as floppies?

Whatever the effect of Xrays per se, the real problem comes from the rather
powerful magnetic fields that such devices produce.

In short never put a laptop or other devices containing magnetic media
(e.g. floppies, computer tapes, etc) through the X-ray machine. Nor, for
that matter should you carry them through the metal detector.

I've never had any problem with simply handing these devices directly to
the guard. She is then free to hand-inspect the device if she so wishes.
In any case she's been in this position a zillion times before and it
should come as no surprise to her.

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