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From: Alan Repurk (
Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 13:07:32 EDT

Nichael Cramer wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Alan Repurk wrote:
> > I am listening to NT Greek on tape and studying Mounce's book. As I
> > do this I wonder how what I am learning applies to modern Greek.
> Alan
> I'll let the experts answer your question, but I hope you'll forgive a
> question in return. ;-)
> Above, you mention "listening to NT Greek on tape". May I ask what this
> is? Do you have a source for the entire NT on tape?
> The reason I ask is that several people have asked about this. But so
> far no one seems to have found a source for such tapes (although some
> sources, for example Audio Forum, carries a "modern" Greek recording of
> the complete NT).
> Thanks
> Nichael
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> Nichael Cramer

I happened upon the tape quite accidently at a local book store. The
book accompanying it was not available, and the tape was hidden behind
some books. There was only one.

The title is "Learn New Testament Greek", 2994-5
John H. Dobson 1989
Grand Rapids Michigan 49516
Lessons 1-14

I have a catalogue at home from an outfit back east in one
of the Carolinas with some tapes. One of them is the
textus receptus (no more info) for about $15.00. For the price
I plan to order it.

I have about an hour's commute each way to word and so far I
have listened to the tape about 10 times. It is meant to be
used with a workbook that I do not have, so I am transcribing
it by ear into a notebook a little at a time.

Funny thing, the more I listen to it, the more I understand.
scary !


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