Re: Veils, women, angels

From: Jan S Haugland (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 02:29:23 EDT

Edward Hobbs said:
> Shaughn Daniel's final paragraph has hit the nail on the
>head: Paul's "...because of the angels..." is some kind of encrypted
>thought. After reviewing several past suggestions (not including Joe
>Fitzmyer's interesting one), he correctly concludes that (1) we don't
>know what it means, and (2) Paul's argument does not hinge on it.

So true.

It is interesting to note that Jerome Murphy-O'Connor in _New Jerome
Biblical Commentary_ interpretes the text to mean "In order not to
scandalize envoys from other churches." (p809). He notes that Gal 4:14,
Lu 7:24; 9:52, which talks about messengers, are distingushed from
texts about *heavenly* messengers (angels) which makes this fact
explicit ie 'an angel *from heaven*' in Gal 1:8.

- Jan
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