DIAQHKAI in Romans 9:4

From: Brian Johnson (brianj@capaccess.org)
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 15:25:58 EDT

To all,

I came across a textual variant last night that has intrigued me. The
NA27 text of Romans 9:4 contains hAI DIAQHKAI. This reading is supported
by Sinaiticus among others. While P46, Vaticanus and others contain hH
DIAQHKH. My first impression is that the text is preferable as it stands.
I would understand the singular as a later correction made to avoid the
difficulties of identifying "covenants." Does this seem to be correct?

Also, to what might the plural might refer? Has anyone on the list
researched this verse?

Brian D. Johnson
New Testament Instructor
Eastern Christian College

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