Re: Porneia (fornication or immorality?)

From: Jill Gorman (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 15:31:24 EDT

 Kevin Woodruff writes:

>I feel in that particular context, the connotation of "sexual immorality" is
>most likely the the best solution. Immorality is realy too broad a category
>and fornication is usually considered to be sexual relations between an
>unmarried man and woman, which is more narrow than the term porneia covers
>(it includes adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and bestiality)

Kevin, where do you get your references to "porneia" referring to
homosexuality and bestiality? I know Lidell and Scott defines it as
prostitution or fornication, but that's all I'm aware of. And the term is
quite significant to my work (Christian apoc. act literature), so I'm quite
interested in your response.

Thanks, Jill Gorman
Temple University


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