From: Dwight Nelson (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 17:09:09 EDT

Reply to Dr. Dan (in general) and Kevin (specifically):

Sorry to muddy the water a bit Kevin, but we do have to be careful in
distinguishing between 'porneia' and 'moicheia', as your list does not.
'Moicheia' refers to adultery, and one need not be a 'pornos' in order to be
a 'miochos'.
I think Jeremias says somewhere (sorry to be so vague) that merely flirting
or an immodest manner of dress was enough to get a married woman (or a man,
although given the chauvenistic times it was much less likely) stoned for
'Porneia', according to Bauer, refers to '...unlawful sexual intercourse'.
The specific distinction, remembering that both terms cross the line in
common usage, seems to be that 'moicheuo' is an immoral attitude, and
'porneia' is an illegal act.

Dwight Nelson
Toronto, ON

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