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Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 23:52:26 EDT

Dear Dwight
You didn't muddy the waters, porneia has a wider semantic range, than
moicheia. You are correct, I was just pointing out that porneia has a wide
range of meanings cf. Kittel's discussion in TDNT Vol 6 pp. 579-595.
especially p 581. Remember that Bauer only deals with the New Testament and
Early Christian Literature meaning, I was pointing out that porneia has a
wide range over the whole range of Greek history. Porneia is sexual
misconduct in general with moichia being the term for adultery

At 05:09 PM 4/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Reply to Dr. Dan (in general) and Kevin (specifically):
>Sorry to muddy the water a bit Kevin, but we do have to be careful in
>distinguishing between 'porneia' and 'moicheia', as your list does not.
>'Moicheia' refers to adultery, and one need not be a 'pornos' in order to be
>a 'miochos'.
>I think Jeremias says somewhere (sorry to be so vague) that merely flirting
>or an immodest manner of dress was enough to get a married woman (or a man,
>although given the chauvenistic times it was much less likely) stoned for
>'Porneia', according to Bauer, refers to '...unlawful sexual intercourse'.
>The specific distinction, remembering that both terms cross the line in
>common usage, seems to be that 'moicheuo' is an immoral attitude, and
>'porneia' is an illegal act.
>Dwight Nelson
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