From: Stephen C Carlson (
Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 14:33:41 EDT

Mark Penner wrote:
>BB> This topic was discussed exhaustively on B-Greek from June 6th to
>BB> about June 12th, 1995. I don't recall how to call up old messages
>BB> from the archives; could somebody else give Dr. Chandler advice on
>BB> how to gain access to these files?
>Is there any way to get these files via e-mail? If so, please tell me

I'd did a quick search of the ENTMP and GRAMCORD archival sites, but I
couldn't find anything in them about PORNEIA during that time frame. I
know it was discussed then, because I still have a copy in my personal
files of my follow-up (dated June 7) to a message by Larry Hurtado. If
anyone would like that message (c. 13 lines), please ask.

Stephen Carlson

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