Re: Anchor Bible Dictionary

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 09:34:33 EDT

Richard Dupont wrote:
> I seem to recall seeing a link to an index to ABD on the Biblical
>resource page at I haven't yet checked it out,
>but it might be worth giving it a look.

I visited the page but as I, unfortunately, do not read Norwegian I was
unable to find the link in question. ;-)

OTOH there has been something purporting to be an "Index to the ABD"
available on the net for at least a couple of years. Unfortunately it is
simply a not-particularly-complete bibliography for many of the articles.
(Again, I can't say if this is what is refered to above...)

In his message, Tony Prete makes several good points about this issue. It
is sometimes _very_ hard to find the desired information. As useful as the
ABD is the lack of an index is a significant inconvience.

In point of fact, when I got my copy of the ABD --about three months after
it was originally published[see below]-- the box contained a postcard which
you, the new purchaser, could mail in if you wanted to be notified of the
then-in-preparation Index which would be available "in a couple of months".
Needless to say I am still waiting...

The sad part is that, now that the CD version is becoming available, it
seems quite likely that a print Index may never see the light of day.

Nichael Cramer

P.S. I also second Tony's recommendation of the CBD and their prices. It
is even better if you live close enough to take advantage of their
bimonthly "Warehouse Sales" of remaindered, damaged, left-overs, etc. This
is where I picked up my ABD for $120 (slightly damaged: about 100 pages had
a 1/2-inch depression at the top). Prices like this are obviously catch as
catch can, but great deals can be had. --N

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