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Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 13:49:09 EDT

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> Friends,
> I am studying Paul's Christology in Philippians. Have any of you done much
> work on the phrase EN CHRISTOS, which seems to be peculiar mostly to Paul?
> Please email me privately if you have good info on this, as I am currently
> off the list while studying this.

First of all, I was genuinely puzzled when I first saw the subject header,
asking myself, "EN with a nominative?" or is it supposed to be for "hEIS
CRISTOS?" To my relief I see it's really about EN CRISTWi, which is indeed
particularly common in Paul. I always have felt that Today's English
Version gets the sense right, even if it's a bit long-winded in translating
it, "in spiritual union with Christ."

BAGD cite a considerable bibliography; rather than reproduce that list I
think it best just to point you to its article on EN in section I.d. Others
will probably be chiming in with their favorite works on this particular

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