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Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 09:53:16 EDT

>> (2) I think its incorrect to assume that everytime you run into the
phrase "in Christ," "in him," "in the beloved," etc., that the syntactic
and sematic relationship of the phrase is the same for every sentence. A
rather lengthy journal article was done 10 or so years ago and published
in "Notes on Translation" dealing with all the Pauline uses of this phrase
passage by passage, discussing the grammar, etc. I don't have the data here
at home with me, but it shouldn't be too hard to track down. <<

I, for one, would appreciate the specific reference in "Notes on Translation" so
that I could order a copy of it. The preposition phrase "En Christos" could
various things depending on the function of the prepositional phrase. Is
"En" expressing:

Function Often Translated

Direction into
Position in,at,on,among,within
Relation besides
Agency in
Means with, by means of (John 1:3, e.g.)
Cause because of
Association with, in union with (the branches. Ho menwn en emoi... Jn 15:5)

Although this is basic, it illustrates that context often bears on how "en
Christos" can be translated. I've often found individuals who go to great
to explain that this is mystical and I'm sure the above reference will prove

Wes Williams
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