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From: Jakob Heckert (
Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 09:55:23 EDT

I agree with Noam Hendren. On b-HEbrew I should not have to hide the fact
that I am a Christian as long as I don't foist my position on other
participants. Blessings.

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Noam & Joan Hendren wrote:

> Leonard Berkowitz wrote:
> >>In a message dated 96-04-20 02:21:32 EDT, (Martin
> >>Jackson) writes:
> >>>>The listserv will not be used as a theological debate forum.
> >>and then he signs his note:
> >>>>I look forward to discussing BibleWorks with you. Any questions can be
> >>>>directed to list manager Martin Jackson, OR
> >>>>
> >>>>In Christ,
> >>That theological signature is not appropriate to b-hebrew.
> I think we should allow people to signoff as they are accustomed to without
> trying to "homogenize" all the contributors. One's signature is a form of
> personal identification and should not be construed as an imposition on
> anyone else's conscience. Furthermore, as to what is or is not
> "appropriate to b-hebrew," I would like to quote from the "Welcome to
> b-hebrew" message which I received from the list owner when I signed on:
> "The list is sponsored by the the Center for Christian Study, an
> independent Christian ministry at the University of Virginia. The Center
> for Christian Study has been dedicated to providing quality Christian
> Education since its inception in 1976. The main purposes of the Center
> are to maintain a caring University outreach ministry and to encourage
> Christians (and others) to think seriously about the Christian faith.
> If you wish more information about the Center for Christian Study please
> write:
> The Center for Christian Study
> 128 Chancellor Street
> Charlottesville, VA 22903
> (804) 295-2471
> Questions about this conference may be directed to David John Marotta."
> Somehow I doubt that the list owner will kick Martin off the list for the
> inappropriateness of his "In Christ." On the contrary, I deeply appreciate
> this organization for providing a forum where we can discuss issues from
> any faith (or non-faith) perspective, without imposing its own position on
> any of us.
> Noam Hendren
> Kfar Saba, Israel
> "Tolerance is a two-way street--If we want it, we've gotta give it!"

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