"In Christ"

From: Noam & Joan Hendren (noamh@netmedia.co.il)
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 05:02:43 EDT

Leonard Berkowitz wrote:

>>In a message dated 96-04-20 02:21:32 EDT, MHJackson@gnn.com (Martin
>>Jackson) writes:

>>>>The listserv will not be used as a theological debate forum.

>>and then he signs his note:

>>>>I look forward to discussing BibleWorks with you. Any questions can be
>>>>directed to list manager Martin Jackson, mjackson@blc.edu OR

>>>>In Christ,

>>That theological signature is not appropriate to b-hebrew.

I think we should allow people to signoff as they are accustomed to without
trying to "homogenize" all the contributors. One's signature is a form of
personal identification and should not be construed as an imposition on
anyone else's conscience. Furthermore, as to what is or is not
"appropriate to b-hebrew," I would like to quote from the "Welcome to
b-hebrew" message which I received from the list owner when I signed on:

"The list is sponsored by the the Center for Christian Study, an
independent Christian ministry at the University of Virginia. The Center
for Christian Study has been dedicated to providing quality Christian
Education since its inception in 1976. The main purposes of the Center
are to maintain a caring University outreach ministry and to encourage
Christians (and others) to think seriously about the Christian faith.
If you wish more information about the Center for Christian Study please

      The Center for Christian Study
      128 Chancellor Street
      Charlottesville, VA 22903
      (804) 295-2471

Questions about this conference may be directed to David John Marotta."

Somehow I doubt that the list owner will kick Martin off the list for the
inappropriateness of his "In Christ." On the contrary, I deeply appreciate
this organization for providing a forum where we can discuss issues from
any faith (or non-faith) perspective, without imposing its own position on
any of us.

Noam Hendren
Kfar Saba, Israel
"Tolerance is a two-way street--If we want it, we've gotta give it!"

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